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Gjensidige Application Platform

What is GAP?

Gjensidige Application Platform (GAP) is built to make it easy to run applications in the cloud, while still keeping the flexibility for advanced use cases. Using industry leading software and tools, developers can deploy applications to Production with 100% confidence and at the same time enjoy uncompromising Developer Experience. GAP enables adoption of modern DevOps practices, and encourages using "you build it, you run it" as a guiding principle 🌟

Azure logo

Azure Public Cloud

As our preferred cloud platform, Azure provides us with a wide range of managed cloud services. Developers are given the power to provision the cloud infrastructure they need in a heartbeat.

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Kubernetes in center

In the heart of our platform lies Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). GAP provides pre-configured clusters that enable developers to automatically deploy, scale and manage their applications with confidence.

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Focus on the community

One of GAP's core goals is to enable an Inner Source organization culture. How we collaborate impacts the products we deliver to our customers. We believe transparency, trust and security can go hand in hand, even in the highly regulated financial sector.

Inspired by other great platforms