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Frequently Asked Questions

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If you can't find answers to your questions here or any other places in the docs, don't hesitate to ask them in #gap :raising_hand:

Q: How is Java Trust Store and Certificates handled?

A: See this Slack thread for an informative discussion. Read more about how this is set up in Gjensidige's clusters here.

Q: Do I deploy my application to cluster apps-int or apps-ext?

A: The general rule of thumb is: If your application needs to talk to On-Prem infrastructure, use apps-int. Otherwise, use apps-ext.

Learn more about Gjensidige's clusters here.

Q: Why does admission webhook "" denied the request prevent me from deploying to the cluster?

A: You are violating one or more of the enforced cluster policies. The error message usually gives you sufficient information about what you should do to be compliant with the policy.

Read more about cluster policies here.

Q: I'm getting the event Error creating: pods "my-pod" is forbidden: exceeded quota: namespace-default, requested: xxx, used: xxx, limited: xxx

A: You have exceeded the resource quota for your namespace. Read more about this quota and how you can increase it in Namespace Onboarding docs.