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Self-hosted runners

If your workflow needs access to the internal network, you'll need to use or set up a self-hosted runner.

Available runners

Team Platform manages two sets of runners for common scenarios when developing in GAP.


This runner is solely used for provisioning and managing resources. It's only accessible using the shared workflows for IaC.


This runner is using our default image and have access to the DB subnet. To use this runner, you'll need to add your repo to the platform_db_runner_group in terraform-github-config repo and use the appropriate labels in your workflow:

- self-hosted
- db
- apps-int
- platform
- test / prod # select cluster

Running your own runner

In cases where you need access to internal network, running resource-heavy workloads or using custom tools that are time-consuming to set up/configure as part of your workflow on every run, you can build a custom image and use it in a separate runner group. This should be your last option, and remember, you build it you run it!